The Power of Connection: Why Listening to our Clients and those in our Community Matter

Our approach to mental health and well-being includes our team, our clients, their families, our community and beyond. We believe our work can positively impact, even at a micro level, where a product or service gently improves someone’s day.

Our clients value that we take the time during every project to get to know them as individuals and understand the pressures of their sector. We acknowledge fears and provide reassurance by being genuinely respectful, sympathetic, and professional. We build trust and calm any worries by offering tailored advice. We can only do that if we fully understand and listen to them. 

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day transactions in the fast-paced business world, but it’s important to remember that our clients have unique needs and objectives. Our listening approach improves the customer experience and positively impacts the end results, thus contributing to the well-being of our service users and people that we may never come into contact with. It’s not only a sound business strategy, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Case Study

A mental health charity worked with The Mackman Group divisions on a project to differentiate and categorise their training products for mental health and well-being in the workplace. Our series of workshops, coordinated by Mackman Research, enabled key stakeholders to contribute, ensuring everyone’s opinion was validated and heard. Working together within the workshops, the group could unpack the aims and objectives of their crucial products. To better understand the course, module content, and delivery style, Mackman Research Director Gemma Mackman became a typical course cohort.

After several workshops and insight sessions, we concluded the project by creating a name for a specific product together with a rationale and naming journey. Here, we wrapped a series of courses into the “Mental Health Toolkit” and allocated phases or steps to each qualification. We provided the charity with a vision for future product segmentation and enabled their team to feel they had contributed to and impacted the process and outcomes. Whilst our naming method takes time and commitment from our clients, it removes the potential “buy-in” issues from our client’s internal staff as it explores every known sentiment and association.

“We were fortunate to be able to work with the Mackman branding and marketing agency on a project, and from the experience we have had, we would not hesitate in recommending them. They spent time getting to know us at, understanding our brief before they got to work. They made it really easy for the internal teams here, organising focus groups and sessions that really helped the whole team to get involved in the solution. They were professional and organised, and we were delighted with the project results – they really added value.”

Client Testimonial