Famous B Corp Companies We Proudly Use

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B Corp Plaque - Famous B Corp Companies

At The Mackman Group, we are proud to be part of the B Corp community. B Corp is not just a certification; it’s a commitment to using business as a force for good. By aligning our values with those of the B Corp movement, we strive to make a positive impact on society and the environment while delivering exceptional value to our clients.

March marks B Corp Month, a month to celebrate those making a positive impact by demonstrating the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. From small startups to multinational corporations, companies across industries and geographies are committing to a higher standard of doing business.

B Corp Month Logo | Famous B Corp Companies

As a B Corp business, we’re aware that we need to be consistent in our choices. This means only choosing suppliers that have equal standards of practice as us, this being a local business; if they are Fairtrade; having their own B Corp certificate or if they have 100% recyclable/biodegradable packaging; or better yet zero packaging. We are proud that 72% of our purchases are from local suppliers and we are also committed to using B Corp suppliers where possible. Here are some examples.

Famous B Corp Companies We Use At The Mackman Group

Who Gives A Crap Logo | Famous B Corp Companies

Who Gives A Crap (Good Goods Pty Ltd)

Who Gives A Crap is a company that produces and sells environmentally friendly toilet paper and other paper products. They use environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled paper to create their products, aiming to reduce deforestation and minimise their carbon footprint. Additionally, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries, aiming to address the global sanitation crisis.

SMOL Logo | Famous B Corp Companies


SMOL is a company that specialises in eco-friendly and affordable cleaning products that are simply better for the planet. They are committed to reducing plastic waste by using recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging. SMOL also focuses on reducing carbon emissions by producing concentrated formulas that require less water and fewer resources to manufacture and transport. Additionally, they prioritise ethical sourcing of ingredients and ensure fair wages and working conditions for their suppliers.

Plenish Logo | Famous B Corp Companies


Plenish is a company committed to providing ethical and sustainable products. They focus on producing plant-based drinks that are not only beneficial for health, but also for the planet. Plenish source their ingredients responsibly, ensuring they are organic and free from harmful chemicals. They prioritise sustainability throughout their production process, minimising waste and reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, Plenish is dedicated to supporting local communities and promoting animal welfare by offering vegan products. Their ethical approach encompasses environmental responsibility, health consciousness, and social impact.

Wonky Coffee Logo | Famous B Corp Companies

Wonky Coffee

Wonky Coffee‘s mission centers on sustainability and ethical practices throughout their coffee production process. They emphasise their commitment to reducing waste by using imperfect or surplus coffee beans that would otherwise go to waste. Through this approach, they aim to minimise environmental impact and support farmers by paying fair prices. Additionally, they prioritise eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping to further reduce their environmental footprint.

Other Famous B Corp Companies

The Body Shop Logo | Famous B Corp Companies

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is renowned for its ethical approach, rooted in principles of environmental sustainability, animal welfare and social responsibility. The Body Shop actively engages in campaigns supporting human rights, community trade, and environmental conservation, aligning its business practices with ethical values. The Body Shop set a standard for ethical approaches in the beauty industry.

Take a look at our article, The Body Shop Brand: A Story of Ethical Innovation, to learn more about the brands success built on its ethical values.

Patagonia Logo | Famous B Corp Companies


Patagonia‘s ethical approach is deeply ingrained in its core values of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. The outdoor apparel company is known for its commitment to sustainability, reflected in its use of recycled materials, fair pay practices and advocacy for environmental protection. Patagonia not only strives to minimise its environmental footprint but also actively engages in environmental activism through initiatives like 1% for the Planet and campaigns promoting public lands conservation. The company also prioritises transparency in its supply chain and encourages customers to repair and recycle their products, fostering a culture of conscious consumption.

Patagonia is a purpose driven business with fantastic sustainability initiatives and values. We have referenced them as a case study in our article, ‘Why Is Business Purpose Key For Success?‘.

We are extremely proud to be part of such a well respected community following our recent certification and we will continue to support other B Corp businesses, navigating this journey together. This B Corp Month, let’s celebrate the power of business to make a difference and continue to work towards a more positive future for all.