Building Stronger Business Through Combined Expertise

Mackman Group combine business consultancy, market research, brand expertise, marketing strategies and HR into an extension of your business.

Mackman Group Full Service Business Consultancy


Four Divisions, One Network

Mackman Group is a full service business consultancy focused on growing premium brands and those working in them. The most successful businesses are built on solid foundations of strategy, insight, and expertise.

What unites Mackman Group is our focus on supporting organisations to go further and achieve more, offering a unique perspective honed over 20 years in business. Our core specialisms are centred around business consultancy, market research, marketing consultancy, brand development, training, and human resources. We are proud of our ethical approach, demonstrating that companies can make profits and do good, driven by a lens that considers the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.

Mackman Research Market Research Agency

Mackman Research | Market Research Agency

Mackman Research Market Research Agency is East Anglia’s leading market research company, conducting and recommending strategies to improve your company’s marketing and business operations. Our data-driven insights ensure that businesses maximise business growth and development opportunities. 

Mackman Branding and Marketing Agency

Mackman | Branding and Marketing Agency

Mackman Branding and Marketing Agency is our targeted and strategic-led marketing agency. The multidisciplinary team focuses on understanding changing markets, and we research, develop and communicate strategic marketing plans to maximise opportunities and meet the company’s objectives. 

Red Kite HR Services

Red Kite HR Services

Red Kite HR Services provides all the benefits of an in-house professional with the flexibility of an expert consultant. Our HR specialist offers reliable, personalised, practical HR support with clear direction to work seamlessly with internal management.


Training and Coaching

Training is a brand-new initiative from the Mackman Group. Our bespoke training program directly aligns with your business needs. A strategic focus develops learning from CIM best practice marketing, branding, business and digital strategy.

Professional service providers tell us they value our plain speaking, collaborative approach, problem-solving capabilities and our ability to generate long-term growth.

Paul Mackman

Mackman Group has worked with clients from all sectors, from government bodies to international businesses, to scale up enterprises and charitable organisations. We have decades of experience working with business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands. 

To assure our business partners of consistent service quality, we have embedded processes to ensure we adhere to quality standards. These are the ones that are defined by ISO 20252 as small investors and people, the Market Research Society, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Chartered Institute of Personal Development.