Fundraiser for Women’s Empowerment Sri Lanka 2023

Representatives from Women's Empowerment Sri Lanka at Mackman

Following the success of our fundraiser last year, The Mackman Group is pleased to announce the second fundraiser for Women’s Empowerment Sri Lanka. In 2022, we raised £2,070, exceeding our initial target of £1,000. The funds supported 120 families in the marginalised tea-picking communities, providing dry food rations, school uniforms and books.

A recent article by The Guardian discovered that plantations in Sri Lanka have poor working conditions where tea pickers are refused pay and cannot afford basic supplies. “Some pickers said they had so little money that they had to skip meals and felt forced to send their children to work.” Unfortunately, this crisis continues, and families in Sri Lanka face unfair working and living conditions despite the tea industry thriving, having made £1.079 billion in revenue from exports. 

As a result, we are aiming to raise £2,000, which will directly impact those working at the plantations, providing much-needed food rations. To achieve this goal, we are hosting a fundraising event and a JustGiving page for people to make donations. We are confident that with the support of our friends and colleagues, we will be able to reach our target.

“Hosting a fundraiser for Sri Lanka is not just about raising funds but about creating a sense of community and showing that we can make a difference when we come together. This cause is very important to us, so we are aiming to raise enough money to support 100 more families in desperate need.”

Paul Mackman, Managing Director of the Mackman GrouP

WE Sri Lanka is a dedicated group of women from diverse backgrounds, faiths and languages who all come together with the common goal of empowering women in Sri Lanka. Based in the UK, they are dedicated to improving lives and creating supportive and nurturing communities where women can thrive.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, you can make a donation through the JustGiving page. To find out more about our 2022 fundraiser, please watch our event highlight video.

Images from our 2022 fundraising event