Paul Mackman Appointed To Global CIM Board

CIM Board of Directors - Paul Mackman CMktr FCIM MCIPR

Managing Director of The Mackman Group, Paul Mackman, has been appointed as a Non Executive Director (NED) for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Paul joins the CIM Board alongside Dr Leeya Hendricks, Penny Eccles and Gina Balarin (CPM FAMI FCIM).

In November 2023, all CIM Members across the globe were given the opportunity to vote. Nominated by the respected PR Smith, famously the architect of the SOSTAC marketing approach, Paul was successfully voted for a term of three years which was announced at the CIM Annual General Meeting held on the 26th January 2024.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, founded in 1911, works to highlight the positive influence of professional marketing on businesses, the economy, and society. The body represent marketeers worldwide, delivering training courses and qualifications to empower modern marketers for long-term success in their roles, benefiting businesses globally. In 2023, The Mackman Group became the world’s first CIM Company Affiliate.

Paul has multiple CIM qualifications and has been a member for over 26 years, 12 of which he has served as Board Member for the Eastern Region, and 8 as Vice Chair. He achieved Chartered Marketer status in 2013 and was granted Fellow status in 2015.

“I have seen the CIM transform, becoming a body, to which I am immensely proud to be associated. But there are still opportunities ahead, and I know that as a NED I can help to shape a secure and strong future.”


As a CIM board member, Paul’s position guarantees effective local representation within the wider marketing sector. Paul brings a distinctive perspective to the CIM community and his strategic involvement as a small business owner is now instrumental in shaping the future direction of marketing on a global scale.

“I have joined the board to support the growth of the CIM, benefiting our industry and our members. I will help ensure financial sustainability and robust governance, ensuring our industry has a respected voice at the highest levels.”


In the current landscape, the field of marketing is experiencing a pivotal shift, marked by the intersection of challenges posed by broader external economic impacts and the rapid evolution of technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI). Addressing these challenges head-on becomes imperative for professionals and organisations seeking to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an environment shaped by cutting-edge technological advancements. 

“I’ve known Paul for many years – not only is he a great supporter and advocate of CIM but also he owns and manages a very successful marketing business. He’s very much a people person and actively supports a wide range of charitable causes.”

Phil Preston, Marketing Community Manager, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Paul’s appointment to the CIM board not only signifies a personal achievement but also represents a stride towards a future where the CIM continues to lead, inspire, and shape the landscape of professional marketing. As the marketing industry undergoes transformative shifts, Paul’s leadership will be a driving force in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities for the benefit of the CIM community and the wider marketing profession.